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Together we can. Across Africa, poverty and unemployment provide unique challenges to growing youth populations. Crime and substance abuse easily lure idle youth, and early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS transmission are rampant among young adults without educational or job prospects. In Kenya, only nine percent of workers have formal jobs (Kenya’s Youth Unemployment Challenge, UNDP 2013;11).

At Inspiring Hope Group we believe that when young people come together, they bring gifts, resources, and ideas that can change the world. We help youth to design, develop, and manage growing businesses. Our aim is to establish a host of companies offering quality services while providing sustainble employment and holistic community development.

"Start small and think big. We bring the power of teamwork and creative thinking to inspire hope and create meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for youth."

David Chaves, Co-Founder
Currently, Inspiring Hope Group has two business units. iHope Photography launched in 2013 with borrowed equipment, a small group of volunteers, a series of training seminars, and zero capital. To date, the group has produced over 40 projects and generated over 1.5 million KES in revenue, creating multiple full and part-time jobs. iHope Farms launched in 2014 and pursues income generation through commercial farming. Monthly contributions of 50 KES per member provided the capital to lease and farm two acres of land in Bungoma, where currently the group is growing Bombay Red Onions.

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Inspiring Hope Group is a savings, fellowship, missions, and business development group that brings youth together to transform lives and livelihoods.

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