Our Vision

"Walking together to inspire hope and build a brighter future."

Our Mission

“To encourage and equip youth through spiritual formation, education, fellowship groups, savings, investment, and sustainable business development.”

Inspiring Hope Group

Inspiring Hope Group (IHG) is an affiliation of young Christians, committed to changing lives through small group savings and business development, community outreach and mission, education, fellowship, and spiritual formation.

The group began in 2011 as a fellowship among young adults facing difficult and desperate situations. The members gathered to pray and encourage one another and to try to address problems effecting youth in Nairobi, especially unemployment and idleness. Over time, members saw the need to engage in community service, to reach out to other youth, and to try to start their own businesses. They began by saving what they could and as each member contributed 50 KES a week the group's capital slowly grew, enabling the launch of micro-businesses and a loan program.

At IHG we have six core objectives. These include: Identifying team members’ interests and abilities and developing ministry, small business and job opportunities. Educating and empowering members through: Formal and informal trainings, Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship groups, and Team Building Activities. Encouraging responsible citizenship and engaging in community service. Facilitating Christian mission and outreach among youth and growing a community of service-oriented leaders. Finally, the group aims to promote the welfare and economic interest of members through savings, investment, and sustainable business development.

Inspiring Hope Group was officially registered in Kenya as a Community Based Organization. It is governed by an executive committee elected annually. Members meet bi-monthly and new members are recruited annually. Click here to learn more about what it means to be a member.


Suezette Mueni, B.A. - Chairperson

James Were, B.S. - Asst. Chair

About Us

Inspiring Hope Group is a savings, fellowship, missions, and business development group that brings youth together to transform lives and livelihoods.


Read Inspiring Hope Group's official constitution. This is the founding document that currently guides IHG's membership and activities.


Inspiring Hope Group is recruiting new members. Get membership details and an application here.

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